Along the Coastline

We'll start the day exploring the ancient city of Caesarea, seeing the Roman Theater, the Hippodrome, the Crusaders' city and Herod's port - named Sebastus. A couple of movies shown there and a few holograms will help you better understand the site.

Leaving Caesarea we'll drive to Haifa, the third biggest city in Israel, to see the Baha'i Gardens, a world heritage site. There we will also have a beautiful panoramic view of the gulf of Haifa, the port and the German colony below the gardens.

We will continue to Rosh-Ha'Nikra, by the border with Lebanon, to take the cable car ride down to impressive caves that were carved by the waves, we'll see some fossils of sea urchins and an old railway that was built under the British mandate in Palestine, and was blown-up later on. Here, you'll have a chance to watch a short movie, inside the railway tunnel.

Back southwards we'll drive to Akko (Acre), the city that served as the Crusaders' capital in their second phase here, starting with Richard Lion Heart. After being destroyed by the Mamluk Sultanate, it was rebuilt during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, but on an upper level, above the Crusaders' city that was all covered by sand and by its own debris.

Our tour of Akko will start by having lunch in the local market (Akko is famous for Humus), and then we'll spend the rest of the day exploring Akko, it's upper and lower levels, the Templars' tunnel, the Hospitallers' Castrum (Knights' Halls) and of course the nice marine.

All tours can be modified, according to your fields of interest, your walking ability, and the time you wish to spend in each site.