Shalom and Welcome!

My Name is Yuval De-Joannes. I live in Moshav Tzafririm in the Valley of Elah and I have been leading tours throughout the country for over 15 years.
My passion for traveling began during my early school days, when I joined the school of environmental studies in the Negev desert. Upon completing my military service as a paratrooper, and traveling the world for a couple of years, I began my academic studies. 
I hold a bachelor's degree in Behavioral sciences from Ben-Gurion University, and a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Haifa University
My academic fieldwork took place in one of the Islands off the west coast of Ireland, where I stayed for nearly two years.  
Upon my return to Israel, I wanted to put  the knowledge of people and history into practice. Therefore I completed the International Tour Guiding course, conducted by the Open University of Israel, the licensed Tour Guiding course conducted by the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, and more lately, completed a Youth Guide course accredited by the Ministry of Education of Israel. 
Over the years I have received special expertise certificates, from the Ministry of Tourism in the following fields: Christianity, Zionism, Desert and Wine tourism.

For me guiding is a passion, if not a calling. Every tour I take is unique for me. The sites may be the same, yet they are always fresh for me, as each time I see them through different eyes; the eyes of those whom I travel with.

When I'm not guiding I enjoy hiking in Israel and around the world, swimming, mountain biking and reading.

I guide families and individuals in English, Italian and Hebrew, offering a wide range of focal points: theological, archaeological, historical, botanical, geological and more.

For transportation of families and individuals (up to seven passengers) I use a luxurious Mercedes V-Class van, so you can be sure to travel in comfort and safety.

It could be a day tour or a full package tour, all customized to your needs and desires.